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Friday, 29 July 2011

Chicken noodles soup- a healthy starter

Soups are very popular all over the world due to easy to prepare technique, wholesome and appetizing qualities. The custom of having soups before meals was originated from UK and today the world follows them.  For people who are on restricted diet, chicken noodles soup is a wholesome and healthy substitute for meals. Friends, who are on the process of loosing those extra kilos will  find it worth as it has limited calorie values. Lets see the process of preparing this magic recipe.

Chicken (boneless 250 gms.),
Tomatoes (1 big sized grated),
Spring onions ( 3-4 medium sized grated),
Garlic ( 2 cloves),
Corn flour ( 2 teaspoons),
Black pepper ( 1/2 teaspoon powdered)
Noodles ( 20 gms. )
Butter ( 1 scoop by teaspoon)
Salt as per taste.


The boneless chicken is to be cleaned and chopped into smaller pieces. Boil noodles for 5 minutes and keep aside. Heat butter in a container and dash the chicken pieces in it. Cook it for 5 minutes till the chicken becomes soft. Dash the tomatoes , spring onions and garlic cloves in it. Mix well with the help of a spatula and add 350 ml. of water in it. Cook for the next 10 minutes till the chicken becomes soft and the vegetables mixes well. Add the already boiled noodles to it. Dissolve 2 teaspoons of corn flour in 25 ml. of water and add to the content. This will make the soup thick and tasty. Add black pepper (in powdered condition) to the soup. Add salt as per taste. Remove to a soup bowl and it's time to enjoy.

Chicken noodles soup can be a very enjoyable, palatable dish for pregnant women, aged people and those who suffer from indigestion problems. It can even be cherished as an item for supper. Serve it to your guests in your next dinner party and I bet your friends will like it, enjoy it to their heart's content. So enjoy food, enjoy life.

ROASTe -the largest coffee store on the web

Technology brings a revolutionary change in the style of enjoying coffee. Brewed coffee has a different level  of taste than any other variety of filter coffee.

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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Cooking like Gordon Ramsy

Post written by Carl Royal

My wife used to tease me about how I can't even scramble an egg because I don't know how to cook anything. Well, I'm having a lot of trouble proving her wrong because I'm learning how to cook a lot of things as one of my New Year's resolutions this year. I thought that an easy way to help keep me motivated would be by watching cooking shows. I get a little bored with just the shows where somebody's showing you how to cook a dish and just talking at the camera while they're doing it. So I've started watching Master Chef religiously.
I was looking up a recipe for something that they cooked on the show and while I was doing that I ran across the website I showed it to my wife, we talked it over and after that we decided to change over our house's internet service to one of the packages on there.
I've read really great reviews on Gordon Ramsay before and I think that I'm learning a lot just by watching his show. He gives people constructive criticism on their dishes, which I think is more helpful than showing someone how to simply cook a dish.

Gravy chicken chowmein - a difference to normal cooking

Gravy chicken chowmein  is a dish of Chinese origin. Chinese cuisine has influenced the world by it's low oil consumption patterns , and excellent cooking qualities. The Chinese people have popularized their cuisine almost all over the world. Due to easy availability of ingredients , Chinese cooking is nowadays very popular amongst many households. 'Lesser oil, better taste'-that's what is the characteristics of Chinese cuisine.

Chowmein (1 packet) ,
Chicken (250 gms. boneless),
Onions (2 medium sized grated) ,
Tomatoes( 2 big sized grated) ,
Capsicum ( 1 big sized grated) ,
Garlic paste ( 1 teaspoon) ,
Dark soya sauce ( 4-5 teaspoons) ,
Chilly sauce ( 3-4 teaspoons),
Corn flour ( 2 teaspoons) ,
Oil for cooking ,
Salt as per taste.

Procedure: Boil the packet of chowmein in water for about 10 minutes. Add the required amount of salt according to taste . Drain the water and keep it aside. Chop the boneless chicken into smaller pieces and boil it in water for 10 minutes. Check with the help of a fork so that the chicken pieces are soft enough . Drain the water and keep the chicken aside. Heat oil in a container and dash onions , tomatoes and capsicum  in it. The onions/ tomatoes should be grated in 'longitudinal' fashion so that they appear to be prominent amongst the prepared gravy. Add garlic paste to it . Cook till the vegetables becomes soft. Add chilly sauce , tomato sauce , aji no moto (minosodium glutamate ) to it.  Add dark soya sauce to the mixture. Mix the entire content well with the help of a spatula . Add water so that the content takes a gravy appearance. Prepare a mixture of corn flour with water and add to the prepared content. Cook for 5 minutes , till it takes a thick, gravy appearance. The mixture will definitely look nice, and the color will be a mind boggling dark brownish one with the vegetables present in it.

While serving the chowmein should be kept on the plate , along with the chicken-gravy toppings in it. This dish should be enjoyed with vinegar, chilly sauce, tomato sauce as per taste. This is a very wholesome food with all necessity ingredients to make a tasty dish. Serve it to your family members and enjoy the delicacy of chinese cuisine straight from your kitchen.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Naivasha - a day amidst nature's lap !

Naivasha, a market town in the Rift Valley of Kenya , lies in the North West of Nairobi. It is famous for the lake Naivasha and falls on the Nairobi-Nakuru Highway and Uganda Railway. Naivasha  is a part of Nakuru district and has a population nearing 15K only.  If you travel by road it may take you two hours to reach Naivasha from Nairobi.

Lake Naivasha

There are many lodges available near Naivasha where they offer world class standard services and tourists will really enjoy their stay. The term 'naivsha ' is a masai term which means roughness, subjected that the lake gets rough when it's windy. Lake Naivasha is unusual in having no outlet, a prerequisite of a fresh water lake. At night the temperature drops down so much , it reaches almost freezing []   point.

Submerged hippo in the lake
The Naivasha Country Club offers a boat service to the lake where we saw glimpses of fishermen who find their daily bread amidst this nature. The boat service offers a close visit to the hippo colonies.Hippos are the greatest attraction here apart from wide variety of birdlife. The fishes which are commonly available are- black brass, tilapia. Crescent Island , is a game sanctuary available 15 mins. away by boat where one can get the sight of zebra, waterbuck, giraffes, vervet monkeys, gazelles.

The main industry in Naivasha is agriculture specially floriculture. It's said that the migratory path round nivasha  was destroyed by the local rose industry.

Birds seen are of almost 3 ft. height

I must say that you will be bewildered to see the various sorts of exotic birds. The chirping of varieties of species really enthralls you and really anybody will be tempted to visit this sort of destination again. We were very lucky to get an Indian restaurant nearby where nice tandoori roti, chicken wings were being served for just 300 shillings. Being a fresh water lake, Naivasha attracts a variety of fish eaters population.

We saw a glimpse of the fishermen who owes to the lake for their daily bread. The increasing level of intruders, poachers and the procuring of land for floriculture purpose are the main concerns of the Kenya Govt. and it is  trying the level best to retain  the fishing ground and sees that the varieties of sweet water fish is not minimized due to ecological and commercial reasons.

It was really a nice day amidst the nature, birds and the lake. For a city bred girl like me nature is something a wonder worthy affair and I would love to come back again and again to Africa. OMG are so beautiful ....never realized ever before.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Mint chicken- a tantalizing fusion

The use of mint has been a culture in North African and European cuisines. Mediterranean cuisines are also very much  influenced by the use of mint. This herb is used for medicinal purposes and a natural remedy for flatulence and digestive complains to fever. This dish Mint chicken is a 'fusion item', with a little difference from the normal recipes.  The use of mint brings about a freshness and innovation in the culinary art and the normal traditional taste of chicken. Let me share the secret of this recipe.

Chicken ( 350 gms., only breast or leg pcs.)
Mint leaves ( 2 bundles, normal size available in the market),
Coriander leaves ( 2 bundles, normal size available in the market),
Green chilly (3-4 medium sized),
Lime juice (3 teaspoon) ,
Fennel seeds( 20gms. soaked in water for 30 mins.),
Garlic paste ( 1 teaspoon),
Onion ( 1 medium sized , chopped),
Oil for frying,
Salt as per taste.

Mint leaves, coriander leaves bought from the market should be washed properly under water, and finally with warm water so as to avoid the minutest amount of dirt and any germ(bacteria, fungus) for consideration, that might affect one's health.  Make a paste with mint leaves, coriander leaves, green chillies, lime juice in a blender or in the normal mortar n pastel.  Remove the paste and keep aside.  Marinate the chicken pieces with this paste and keep for 20-30 minutes. Heat oil in a container and add the garlic paste. Dash the chopped onion in it. Add the chicken and cook in low flame for about 15 minutes. You need to see that both sides of the chicken are nicely cooked yet should not be burnt.  Use a spatula to turn the other side. Both the sides should be cooked for approximately 7.5 minutes. You may sprinkle water slowly for the chicken to be soft enough.  Add salt as per your taste. This will be ideally a dry item with little gravy in it. When the chicken is being cooked, then you may add the rest of the paste to it. It will be a mind boggling green mixture and the chicken pieces showing its contour. Check with the help of a fork to see if the chicken is soft enough. Remove the entire content to a serving dish and sprinkle lime juice on it.  Decorate with tomatoes/onions as shown in the picture above.

This dish is served as a starter. Since no spice is used the essence of mint, fennel dominates.The addition of lime juice marks a different degree in taste and makes it really outstanding. Enjoy with your family and friends and be sure to get tonnes of appreciation notes from them.  Enjoy variety as it's the spice of life.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Nakuru National park- a dream safari

Kenya is known as the paradise of nature lovers. Each year a large number of tourists from all over the country come to Kenya to enjoy the natural beauty, wild life and the myriad picturesque scenario. I stay in Nakuru, one of the most developing towns and business hub of Kenya , which is situated 160 kms North of Nairobi, the economic capital of the country. The meaning of Nakuru is 'dust or dusty place ' in Masai language.

Our journey starts now

Our journey started at 6:30 am. It was a fine morning with clear sky. The cost is 1,000 Kenyan shillings per person. Vehicle charges were 300 Kenyan shilling. The entrance ticket was valid for 24 hrs. from the time of issuance. For foreign residents it amounts to $100  per person. We required to show passports/ resident cards at the gate to the officer in charge at the ticketing house.

Good morning nakuru
It was a beautiful morning and never had I seen the sunlight so vivacious and those dew drops on the grass glittering and welcoming the visitors. In one word it was simply 'lovely'. Nature at her best form in Nakuru. Lake Nakuru is one of the Rift valley soda lakes with an elevation of 1754 mts. above the sea level. The National park marches 12.1 Kms. in south eastern boundary with the Soysambu conservancy.

Baboons on the way
Just after entering the park,  we saw  beautiful campsides, picnic spots  and the way is very nicely demarcated on sign boards. There are tourists vans available from the forest department accompanied with guides. It was a  nice experience to see baboons,monkeys on both sides of the road. We are instructed by the department , not to offer any food items to these animals as they might turn aggressive or pull cameras/ wallets or other valuables of the tourists.

Beautiful antelopes caught our attention
Watching antelopes, waterbucks was a great experience.Young deers were seen in a queue crossing roads. Never did I see such beautiful
creatures  abide traffic rules in such a disciplined manner.

Zebras grazing on the sweet grass

Other herbivorous animals like zebras were seen grazing. We got down from the car and took snaps of these lovely animals. I must say that they are very shy and avoid visitor, as I could see them move away when I tried to get their snaps.The safari is said to be spread over an area of 188 sq. Kms aprroximately.The vegatation is of savannah type.

Flamingoes the greatest attraction of the lake
Lake Nakuru is said  have  a total population of 2 million flamingoes.The lakes' abundance of algaes attract the flamingoes which famously line the shores of the alkaline lake.There are total 450 species of various birds , which underlies the main reason why Nakuru lake attracts so many tourists every year.We could see flights of bird on the sky flying in a definitive manner, thereby engaging and the visitors spellbound by virtue of its natural beauty.This place can be rightly called a 'bird watchers paradise'.

Birds eye view from the Baboon cliff point
We went up  the baboon cliff where we could see a panoramic view of the Nakuru Lake. This is the highest point in the national park.apart from flamingos there are myriad other species who inhabit in the lake like-African eagle fish, goliath heron , hamercop, pied kingfisher and verreaux eagle.

Endangered Rothschild giraffe
The National park is the home to the endangered Rothschild species of giraffes.They have been translocated from Nairobi's giraffe centre and feed on the yellow bark acacia trees which is the favorite giraffe food.These rare species are seen browsing along with the common masai giraffes.

Rhinos -one of the 'big 5' animals
We were really thrilled to see the rhinoceros.They fall in the category of 'big 5' animals of Kenya.The park is said to have 25 black rhinos as well as 70 white rhinos , which is one of the largest concentrations of rhinos in the world.The forest department arranged for a special electric fencing so as to avoid poachers or other intruders.

The other predators found in the park are hyenas, jackals and lions. These carnivores can be seen only when they intend to go for hunting. These beautiful herbivores fall prey of the carnivores for food, that's the worst part of the story , but that's the 'rules of the jungle' you see. The best time to visit Nakuru National Park is from October to December, because that is the dry season and the big five animals could be seen as the love the sunbath.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Chicken Biriyani- the shahi Mughlai treat

India, the place of varied culture and heritage and has been the epitome of culinary delights since ages. Indian history has seen rulers from various creeds and the advent of mouth watering food. Biriyani, was the masterpiece creation of veteran Mughal royal cooks. The art of preparing biriyani has been inculcated amongst the descendents of the royal cooks and till day it's a trade secret never to be revealed amongst the general public. Biriyani is quite a famous dish in parts of India like Delhi, Lucknow, Kolkata. I am very much influenced by the Mughal culinary art and an ardent fan of biriyani. Well, although the wide availability of biriyani tempts one to buy from the available takeaway counters, but lets see the easy process of preparing biriyani at home.

Basmati rice (250 gms.approximately for 4 people),
Potato (big sized 2 ),
Ghee (150 gms.)
Chicken (300gms only leg and breast pcs.),
Curd (50 gms.)
Egg (2 pcs.)
Milk (25 ml)
Keora water [extract distilled from pandanus flowers] (4 teaspoons)
Shah jeera [caraway seeds] (2 teaspoon),
Javitri [mace] ( 2 flowers),
Jaiphal  [Nutmeg] (1 pc.),
Shah marich [white pepper] ( 1 teaspoon), 
Dalchini [cinnamon] (2 medium sized sticks),
Elaichi [cardamon](4 seeds)
Cloves(3 seeds)
saffron (5gms.)
salt as per  taste

Its a slightly complicated and lengthy process indeed.

Step 1:
Marinate the required amount of chicken with curd and salt for 30-45 mins.
Make a blend with javitri, jaiphal, shah jeeraa, shah marich using a dry grinder.
Heat ghee in a container and cook the chicken with the said spices.
Add elaichi, cloves, cinnamon , cardamon (these spices should be blended to form garm masala).
Add garam masala to the chicken along with the other spices.
Add little water (about 100 ml )to the chicken to make it soft.
Keep the spiced chicken aside.

Step 2:
Wash the rice and put it to boil with about 1/2 lts. water and 4 teaspoons keora water.
When boiled allow the rice to dry and be free flowing. Keep aside 1/5 th part of the rice.
Heat the milk with saffron , so that a florescent orange yellow color appears.
Mix this colored liquid with the 1/5th part of rice and keep aside.
Boil potatoes and eggs separately.
Peel off the outer skin of potato and the outer shell of eggs. Make two equal halves of the potato and eggs.
Fry slightly in ghee and keep aside.

Step 3:
Take a medium sized broad mouthed container. Put 1/2 teaspoon ghee, colored rice, normal rice, 1 pc. of chicken, 1 pc potato in the first formed layer.
Repeat this process at least 4 times till you have a brilliant ,dazzling combination of the colored rice , chicken n potato.
Seal the mouth of the container and put in low flame for 3-4 minutes.
Repeat the same process in a microwave bowl and put in the microwave for 3 mins.

Step 4 (garnishing with chopped vegetables for final decoration)
Chop cucumber in rounded fashion, tomatoes, onions, carrot in the way showed in the picture above.  Chop the egg in  such a way so that you can decorate it nicely.  You may follow the above pattern of decoration as shown in the picture.

Serve Biriyani with raita (a combination of curd/ salads) and enjoy the dish with your family. After such a hard toil, you will really enjoy it to the hilt. This is the main course for Muslims in India while they celebrate Id/ Ramzaan and other occasions like marriage. Due to the increasing popularity of Biriyani, it  is widely available nowadays in takeaway counters in all metro cities in India.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Spinach in cottage cheese[Palak Paneer]- the yummy Indian treat

India is a country known for agriculture/food crops.The first state to observe 'green revolution' was Punjab.Palak Paneer is a wonderful combination , which has an inherent relation with the Punjabi culture as well as the culture of India as such.Indians are so fond of this dish that, they prefer to have palak paneer in processed , packed condition while they stay abroad.One of the main items of processed food export counts to be palak paneer. Such is the popularity and the craze for the taste of paneer. Lets see the method of preparation.

Ingredients: Palak [spinach] (4 bundles , normally the size thats available in the market),Paneer[cottage cheese]350 gms. ,onion grated(2 medium sized), tomatoes(grated 2 medium sized), coriander powder(1 teaspoon), cumin powder(1 teaspoon), turmeric powder(1/2 teaspoon), chilli powder(1 teaspoon), garam masala[a typical indian spice blended with cardamom, black pepper, cloves.

Procedure: Farm fresh spinach leaves once procured from the market has to be washed nicely so as to remove the least sign of dirt present in it.Wash the same in hot water once, so that the bacteria , microscopic worms doesn't leave its harmful effect. Hold the spinach in bundles and chop into smaller pieces. Heat oil (1 teaspoon) in a container and cook the spinach leaves in it. It has to be cooked for 10-15mins. till the leaves get soft. Remove it to a mixer grinder and blend it for 3 mins. till the entire mixture becomes an even, thick paste. Chop the cottage cheese into medium pieces(should appear as cubes) and keep aside.Heat oil in a container and dash tomatoes/onions in it. Cook till they become soft , add cumin powder, coriander powder, turmeric powder, chilly powder, ginger-garlic paste to it. Mix the entire content with the help of a spatula so that it makes an even texture. Add the paneer to it. Cook well and add garam masala for a mind boggling essence.When the paneer is cooked nicely, add spinach paste to it. Add salt according to taste. Mix the content well so that the cooked ingredients blend evenly to presume a perfect taste. Should be cooked for 5-7 mins. before you turn off the gas. Add a dollop of butter on it for the ultimate taste, mind boggling flavor to it. Remove it and serve in a serving bowl, its ready to romance with your culinary delight.

This dish can be enjoyed with chapatti, tandoori roti, kulcha, naan , butter naan. The favorite item of 'dilkhush punjabi'[cheerful punjabi] is now is your hand.enjoy with your family and friends and be sure to earn the title of 'magic chef'. Bon Appe'tit!

Gulab jamun...home made wonder

Gulab Jamuns are a wonder treat. Qualified by it's rich color, melt in mouth texture, mind boggling essence , this dish is a must for Indian marriage occasions. Gulab jamuns have been a part of the Indian culture , and to all Indians staying out of the motherland, this item is available in tinned condition. Nevertheless, no Indian will ever say 'no' to such a mouth licking traditional sweet item. To, all my sweet lovers I would like to share my experience of a home made recipe of this wonderful version.

Ingredients: White flour( 200 gms.), Dried milk powder(300 gms.), sugar 1/2 kg, cardamom(5-6 pcs.), ghee for frying

Procedure:Mix the white flour with dried milk powder , 3 teaspoon of ghee , water and try a dough out of it. Then prepare rounded balls with the help of our palms.Try to make perfect shapes with no cracks in it. Leave it for sometime and allow it to solidify. Heat ghee in a container and start frying these balls. Fry till they turn dark brown and harden in structure. Remove and keep aside. Prepare a sugar syrup by dissolving 1/2 kg. sugar in water. Boil it till 15 mins, and the syrup becomes thick. It's better if you boil cardamom along with it as the essence released will add a different level in the taste and the contour. Release the balls in the prepared sugar syrup and the fried balls will absorb the syrup and become bigger in size. After 5 mins. of soaking the Gulab Jamuns are ready to be served and enjoyed.

Steps involved in the method of preparation

Prepare rounded doughs

Fry in pan with ghee

Prepare the sugar syrup 

Hence , friends you can conclude that preparing Gulab Jamuns is really your 'cup of tea'.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Sweet n fruity pancake-an easy way to please kids

Pan Cakes make a yummy dish.Originated from Europe, this dish has spread worldwide due to the popularity of it's taste and easy ways of preparation.We have heard of fairy tales where grandmas used to prepare this dish for children. Hence , pancakes is already a part of literature culture.The original method of preparation is a little time consuming, but friends as I have already told I mind for the women of 21st century, who really run short of time.So, my method is really interesting, lesser time consuming.You can get a lot of time for yourself instead of struggling in the kitchen.

Ingredients: White flour(200 gms.), eggs( 2 nos.), milk(300mls.), sugar according to taste. chopped fruits(here I have used apples, even pears will do), essence of vanilla(1 teaspoon),oil for frying.

Procedure: Mix white flour , milk and eggs  well.Batter it nicely till it makes a semi liquid mass ,quite easy to be handled with a spatula.Add 1 teaspoon of essence of vanilla for a nice flavor.Now heat 2 teaspoon oil in a frying pan and spread equally. Take one tablespoon full of dough and evenly spread just like the preparation of dosa.When it is already 1/2 min. in the pan , then you may spread the chopped fruits(apple/pear/guava) on it and sprinkle sugar on the dough.The amount of sugar sprinkled should be minimum one teaspoon per dough. Because pancake is a variety which should be on a sweeter side.Originally pancakes should be dipped in sugar syrup, but this is a shortcut way.After 1 minute the pancake is ready. Turn on the other side and cook it equally.The pancake should turn golden brown in certain sides but should not burn away.Remove it to a plate and it's ready to serve.The above combination will give 8-10 pancakes approximately.

The pancake prepared in this methodology may not match with the traditional one, but taste will be more or less the same.So , if you have a hungry kid who expects his/her mom to prepare new, delicious varieties , then this can be a great gift to him/her.Enjoy the moments of being a mom and see your child licking finger and enjoying the food.From the nutrition part you can be rest assured that you have offered the best of it to our child.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Prawn in mustard sauce[chingri r malaikari]

Prawns are the king of salt water fishes and excellent in terms of taste and nutrition.Prawns can be prepared in many ways, in fact each creed had got it's own way of preparation.Prawn preparation may be called as fish lovers heaven.Very popular in Goa(Konkani), southern India(Andhra style) , Bengal(Daccai style) prawn finds its own beauty and accomplishes its own excellence , proves to be a culinary delight to each n every individual who once tastes it.Lets see the way of preparation of Prawn in mustard sauce.

Ingredients: Prawn (400 gms.medium sized) , mustard seeds(50 gms. soaked in water), coconut milk[can be prepared by grinding coconut , and extracting the milk with the help of a filter/sieve] , turmeric powder(1/2 teaspoon), salt acc. to taste, green chillis(2-3 pcs.).

Procedure: The prawns purchased should be fresh and healthy. I will prefer fresh prawns rather than frozen ones, but yes obviously it depends on the availability of the variety. Carefully clean the fishes by removing the external shell, the head and by removing the excretory duct that lies in the anterior or the posterior part.The cleaning is very important else it might be harmful for digestion.Prawns once cleaned nicely will never cause any indigestion, allergy. Now marinate the fishes with turmeric powder and salt and keep for 10 mins.Heat oil in a container and fry them.Once you start frying , prawns emit a very nice smell and get a typical curled shape.Keep them aside. Make a mustard paste by grinding mustard seeds in a grinder (after soaking for about 1 hr. or so). The grinding should be smooth enough so as to form a paste.Cook the mustard paste and the coconut milk in oil till they mix well. Add the already fried prawns to it,cook it for 5-7 mins. till the mustard paste mixes well with the prawns. Add salt according to taste and green chillis for giving it a final look and completion of taste.Remove it to a serving bowl and its ready to serve.

This dish can be enjoyed with steaming rice.Not a time consuming affair, and quite easy to prepare you may give it a try this weekend and keep your family members spell bound, astounding by your 'kitchen chemistry'.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Stuffed indian bread(matar parantha)

Stuffed parantha is a speciality of Indian cuisine.Hand made bread being the main staple food in India, varieties in bread are prepared by various states.Vegetable stuffed in bread not only gives a different variety , but it is a wholesome food with all necessary nutrients in it. Stuffed bread accompanied with pickle and curd make a nice combination and is a very popular food in the rural as well as urban areas.Matar Parantha is a popular item in Northern India , even some parts of Eastern India.Let's see the method of preparation.

Ingredients: Green peas(350gms.), white flour(300 gms.), oil for frying , salt acc. to taste, cumin powder, tomatoes(2 grated), ginger-garlic paste(1 teaspoon), cumin powder(1 teaspoon)


Take farm fresh green peas and boil in water. Check with the help of spatula if it has been soft , then drain the excess water and grind in a grinder.Heat oil in a container and dash the tomatoes in it.Add ginger-garlic paste, cumin powder to the paste of mashed green peas and cook , mix well with the help of a spatula . The entire water content should be dried up and solid mass is prepared which makes the stuffing.Keep it aside.Prepare dough with white flour (with little salt, oil and water).The dough should be pressed with hand and made quite soft. The quality of the parantha depends on how well the dough is pressed n prepared.Make small balls with the dough.Press with your hand so that they become rounded balls.Use your both hands , so as to give the dough a shape of a hollow bowl and start filling up stuffings in it.Close it and then start rolling the dough.the dimension should not be more than 3 inches diameter.Now place the rolled doughs in a frying pan and dry heat it.The resultant dough becomes crispy . Apply oil with spoon and fry the dough very well till it becomes a nice crispy structure and golden brown in color.

       step 1              

step 2
step 3
step 4

step 5 (final step, giving shape to the doughs
The stuffed bread once prepared can be enjoyed with pickle, curd, other vegetable curries.Not only tasty n tangy , but a wholesome food undoubtedly.You can even carry it for lunch boxes.While going for a long drive , this makes a very good option to have it on the way as a refreshment.So, pack this item and be ready to get , set , go for a long drive.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Mushroom n corn soup

Mushroom is the an active source of protein.Very easily available and delicious, mushroom soup can be a wonderful dish.For people who are on the verge of loosing those extra kilos , a bowl of Mushroom n corn  soup will definitely prove good. Filled with wholesome nutritious values . a combination of mushroom with vegetables n corn will not only make you try something different but will leave our mind boggling with joy of a new discovery.Button Mushroom prove to be very good anti-oxidant element too.

Ingredients: Button Mushroom (350 gms.), tomatoes(2 medium sized , grated). corn (20 gms. boiled), celery (for decoration purpose), salt acc. to choice, 1/2teaspoon garlic paste

Procedure: Boil the mushrooms in a container with water.See if the mushrooms are soft or not.When they are in a stage to be smashed by fingers, remove them in a mixer grinder and make a paste of the same.Remove it and keep aside.Dash the chopped tomatoes and the boiled corns in a container and cook till soft.Add the garlic paste to it.Add the  mushroom paste to it.Mix very well with the help of spatula.Add salt according to taste.Add chopped celery leaves to it.Remove to a serving bowl and its ready to be served.

This is not only a healthy substitute , but a great starter and a must for people who are following restricted diet.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Spinach n tomato soup- a protein rich healthy treat

Spinach is the source of active protein, vitamins and minerals.Very essential for anemic people , this soup spinach n tomato is not only a health food but a mouth licking appetizer as well.For people who are on restricted diet , this is a must.when combined all the essential nutrients, this soup helps nourish the iron deficits and keeps an individual active.Let us  see the method of preparation of this simpleton dish.

Ingredients: Spinach leaves(3 bundles), tomatoes(2 medium sized chopped into smaller pcs.), ginger paste(1 teaspoon), salt acc. to taste, butter (1 teaspoon), powdered black pepper(1/2 teaspoon)

Procedure: Farm fresh spinach has to be purchased from the market.It has to be washed properly under running water as well as warm water so that no germ remains in it.Chop the spinach bundles into smaller pieces.Heat oil (1 teaspoon) into a container and add the chopped spinach pieces.Cook it for 10 mins in covered condition.The vegetable becomes soft.Add the chopped tomatoes in it and cook till the tomatoes becomes soft and mixes well with the spinach.When cooked nicely allow the mixture to be cooled.Remove the entire content into a mixer grinder and grind it for about 3-4 mins. with addition to a little water.Remove the entire content and keep aside.Heat the required amount of butter and add the spinach mix, salt and black pepper to it.

The soup can be enjoyed with sauces of one's choice.This can be enjoyed like an appetizer and can mark the beginning of a dinner party. Serve it to your friends and mark the difference in your party's ambiance.Create a difference, create innovation and mark new beginnings at each party of yours.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Cereal n vegetable salad- a perfect gift to good health

Salad is the key to good health.A nicely prepared salad with all possible combination of essential nutrients is what every dietitian advises for. Vegetables and cereal salad is the perfect combination , one can have if somebody wants to skip a meal.A balanced preparation which will never weaken you but will keep you light, healthy and prove good for your skin.Good health is what perhaps everybody looks for nowadays.

Ingredients: Butter bean (200 gms.), carrot(100gms.), beet root(100gms.), green peas(50gms.), onion(1 big sized), tomato(1 big sized ), chopped celery leaves(little amount), black pepper powder(1/2 teaspoon), lime juice(1 teaspoon), salad cream(1 teaspoon), salt acc. to taste.

Procedure:The butter beans should be soaked for at least 12 hrs. and then boiled till it becomes soft.Carrot , green peas and beet root should even be treated in the same way.They should be cut into medium pieces.The tomatoes and onions should be diced into smaller parts. All the vegetables should be kept in a big bowl and mixed together.A little addition of salt, lime juice will even make it more exciting.Chopped celery leaves add a different level of taste and flavor to it.Sprinkle powdered black pepper over the salad.

This can be a good supplement for lunch and you are sure that you will never miss an essential nutrient from this salad.In case of readers who are in the weight loss program/suffering out of rise in cholesterol this salad will really prove good for them.In one word stay healthy, live healthy.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Paneer Jalfrezi-simply ' wow '

Paneer Jalfrezi is  a modern preparation of paneer(cottage cheese).Paneer being one of the most available ingredients of the world , any preparation with paneer is always exciting.This particular preparation is very easy as well as worthy because its really yummy and rich.I have already mentioned earlier that people from the Northern parts India are ardent fan of any kind of paneer preparation. This has been discovered from a channel which specializes in Northern Indian food.If you try permutation combination with this magic item, it can really bring about wide variety of dishes.Let me share the recipe with all of you, my readers.

Ingredients: Cottage cheese[paneer](350 gms.), onions(1 big sized grated into medium pieces), tomato(2 medium sized grated into medium pieces), capsicum(1 big sized grated into medium pieces), green peas(20gms.), ginger garlic paste(1 teaspoon), cumin powder(1/2 teaspoon), coriander powder(1/2 teaspoon), chilli powder(1/2 teaspoon), salt acc. to taste, jalfrezi paste(5-6 teaspoon)[jalfrezi paste is a special spice available in bottled condition consists of onion, water, red n green peppers, veg. oil, tomato,mustard extract,modified maize,starch, desiccated coconut, garlic , salt , ginger , citric acid, dried coriander leaf, paprika extract , cumin seeds].

Procedure: Heat oil in a container.Dash the grated vegetables into it.Cook the onions, tomatoes, capsicum, green peas till they get soft.Add ginger garlic paste,cumin powder, coriander powder, chilli powder in desired minute amount to the mixture .Add the jalfrezi paste to the mixture.Since jalfrezi already consists the available spices so its advised that you add little of it to the vegetables.The paneer should be cut to medium pieces and and be added to the vegetable mixture. The entire content should be mixed well with the help of a spatula. Add the required amount of salt to it.Add half cup water to the content and cook fro 5-7 mins. till the paneer mixes well and a delicious gravy is prepared.Remove to a serving bowl and the dish is ready to be enjoyed.

Paneer jalfrezi makes best combination with naan/butter naan/tandori roti/kulcha.You can really claim to be an expert in preparing paneer items after you learn the simple techniques to make it even more attractive.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Vermicilli in tomato soup- a sip to a healthy start

Vermicelli in tomato soup is a healthy recipe , very much desired and a tasty treat.Tomato makes the best of the soups in the world.Simple, tasty , tangy this recipe of specialized soup has won the hearts of many.Simple to prepare , wholesome and nutritious this recipe is really a very precious one.

Ingredients: Tomato (500gms.), vermicelli(100gms.), maize(20 gms boiled), salt acc. to taste, black pepper powder (1/2 teaspoon).

Procedure: The tomatoes purchased should be very fresh. After washing carefully with water the tomatoes should be boiled in water for 10 mins till the extract comes out.It will make a very attractive , colorful soup. Keep the content aside. Boil the maize grains separately . check with the help of your fingers if the corn has been soft or not.The grains should be so soft that it should melt in mouth.Take the tomato extract and strain with the help of a filter. The liquid soup should be separated from the skin and the seed content.Add the vermicelli in required quantity to the soup extract and boil till it becomes soft. Add the boiled corns to it.It will hardly take 5-7 mins for the vermicelli to be soft and boiled properly.Add salt to the required level and black pepper powder to it.The soup is ready to be enjoyed.

People who are on restricted diet should have this tomato vermicelli  soup at least once a day.It has got essential nutrients , and required amount of water in it , so while dieting a person will never fall short of adequate water.This soup will taste even better in winter evenings. Try this soup instead of coffee/tea one day and you will really feel the difference and enjoy the goodness of tomato.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Vegetable n cereal stew- a must for restricted diet

Vegetable n cereal stew is a healthy version.Various people who are following restricted diet for the sake of weight loss may take this dish as a lunch supplement. It will maintain all the necessary nutrients of your body as well as keep your skin glowing.

Ingredients:Beet root(350 gms., peeled off and chopped into smaller pcs.), carrot(100 gms. peeled off and chopped into smaller pieces), green beans( 100 gms.cut into medium pcs.), butter beans(50 gms. soaked for 12 hrs. ,then boiled till soft), onions (1 no. grated into pcs. ), tomatoes(2 nos. grated into pcs.), ginger garlic paste(1 teaspoons), coriander powder(1/2 teaspoon), cumin powder(1/2 teaspoon), oil(2 teaspoons max.)

Procedure:The peeled vegetables - beet root, carrot, beans should be boiled till they are soft enough.The butter beans( a kind of cereal) should be soaked in water for 12 hrs. and then boiled till the grains become soft.The vegetable broth (the water containing vegetable extracts )should be kept separate.Heat oil in a container and dash the vegetables- grated tomatoes, onions into it and cook till it becomes soft.Add ginger garlic paste, coriander powder, cumin powder into it.This starts emitting a nice smell that characterizes the soup.Add the carrots. beet roots, butter beans and green beans to it.Mix well with the help of a spatula so that the vegetable mixes well with the spices(in minute amount). Add the vegetable broth to it . Add salt for taste.Remove it to a bowl and its ready to be eaten.

This  dish is an exact combination of all essential nutrients. A perfect balance of protein, carbohydrate, vitamins is what specializes it.The taste is also simply 'wow'.For a perfect taste you may add one scoop butter to it , but for people who are going for restricted diet should abstain from butter.So, even when you are on strict diet and following doctor's instructions, on the verge of shedding the extra pounds, food can always be a fun like ever before.Have the soup, energize yourself and get set go for the weight loosing procedure.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Bamboo shoots in chicken-authentic thai food

Chicken with bamboo shoots is an exotic dish which was originated in Thailand.The use of bamboo shoots is very common in the South east Asian countries.Quite an easy preparation, let me share the secret of this wonderful tongue licking dish.

Ingredients: Boneless chicken (350 gms.), bamboo shoots(1packet tinned bamboo shoots), onion(2 medium sized chopped into smaller pieces), tomatoes(2 medium sized chopped into smaller pieces),garlic paste for(1 teaspoon),tomato sauce(3-4 teaspoons), vinegar(2-3 teaspoons), soya sauce(2 teaspoons), green chilli sauce(3 teaspoons), spring onions chopped, lemon grass in minute quantity for flavoring purpose.

Procedure: Marinate the chicken in vinegar, garlic paste, soya sauce, salt for about 15-20 mins.Keep it aside.Heat oil in a container and dash the vegetables in it. Cook the tomatoes, onions till it becomes soft.Apply lemon grass for a typical essence that characterizes thai food .Add the bamboo shoots (bamboo shoots are kept in salt water preservation in tinned condition) and cook till the bamboo shoots gets soft and emits a mind boggling essence.Add the required tomato sauce, chilli sauce to it.Add the marinated chicken to the mixture.Cook for 10 mins. till the chicken mixes with the vegetables.Check with a spatula to see if the chicken gets softened or not.Sprinkle the chopped spring onions to the dish.This is ready to be served.

This can be served with noodles, rice.Chicken when cooked in this way really creates a difference and leaves the taste buds tantalizing.Make our family friends bewildered by your easy cooking techniques.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Mutton Keema curry- a real spicy meat lovers treat

Mutton Keema curry is a dish which is of Mughal origin and quite old an Indian dish.The Mughal era used to be a meat lovers paradise and the expert traditional chef used to invent many recipes with various sort of exotic spices.Today Old Delhi demands to preserve this culture of traditional muslim recipe and people can enjoy this mouth watering treat in the nooks and corners of Delhi.Let me share the delightful experience of preparing the age old traditional recipe with you.

Ingredients: Mutton keema[slaughtered , finely chopped mutton pieces](350 gms.),onions (2 pcs. finely grated),tomato(2 pcs. finely grated), cumin powder(2 teaspoons), ginger garlic paste(1 teaspoons), turmeric powder(1 teaspoon)garam masala[a typical traditional indian spice which contains cardamom, black pepper, cinnamom, clove ] 2 teaspoons, red chilli powder(1 teaspoon), green peas(20 gms.), curd( 4- 5 teaspoons), coriander powder(2 teaspoons), ghee[a cooking medium of Indian origin made from fresh creme milk].

Procedure:Muttom keema can be purchased from the market in packets of 300 gms, 500gms. You may choose and pick a good variety.Take 350gms. in a small container and boil it for 5-7 mins. till it becomes soft and tender.Touch the content with finger to ensure that it can be cooked with other vegetables.Remove the extra water and keep it aside.Dash about 5-6 teaspoons of ghee in a container.Add the grated onions , tomatoes to it.Add the already softened mutton keema to it.Add ginger garlic paste, coriander powder, cumin powder, turmeric powder, chilli powder to it.Add the required amout of garm masala to the mixture and mix well with the help of spatula.It starts emitting a nice mind boggling smell.Add the required amout of curd(battered) and salt to the mixture.Add the green peas. (well, this step might be optional and depends on an individual, I like green peas , hence I added ). Cook the entire content for about 7-10 mins. and the dish is ready. Remove it to a serving bowl and its ready to go down your mouth.

This dish can be best enjoyed with parantha(fried Indian bread), naan(special baked Indian bread), tandoori roti(Indian bread prepared in country oven).So, enjoy the delicacy of traditional royal Indian food at home.Feel like a badshah (king), and imagine you are back to the Mughal period.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Bottle gourd in split chick peas[Lauki chana]-a cool treat for scorching hot day

Lauki chana is a very famous recipe which is very popular in the Northen side of India.During summer when the body has to fight against the scorching heat , this recipe will definitely bring soothing effect to the digestive system.Various nutritionists have  even mentioned that bottle gourd maintains blood pressure and extremely good for the blood circulatory system.

Ingredients: Bottle gourd( 1medium sized peeled nicely and grated to smaller pcs.), split chick peas[chana dal] (50 gms.), cumin seeds (about a pinch), red chilli(2 pcs.), green chillis(2 pcs.), turmeric powder(1 teaspoon), ginger paste(1 teaspoon), salt acc. to taste, coriander leaves for decoration.

Procedure:The split chick peas [chana dal] should be soaked in water overnight.Then put in a pressure cooker and cook it till it becomes soft. Ideally 7-8 mins. of steaming or 3-4 whistles are enough.Check with the help of a spoon if the lentils have been soft or not.If it could be pressed with your fingers, indicates that it is ready.Keep it aside.The skin of the bottle gourd should be peeled off , and the vegetable should be chopped into smaller pieces. It should be marinated in salt, turmeric powder for about 10 mins . Heat oil in a container and dash the grated bottle gourd in it.Cook till it gets soft . Add ginger paste , cumin seeds and red chillis to it.It will emit a nice tantalizing smell .Add the boiled chana dal to it and mix with the help of a spatula.The entire content should be mixed very well with the spices and then you may add 1 cup water for preparing the soup.Cook for about 7 minutes , add salt in required amount , add green chillis and coriander leaves for a good presentation.Remove in a serving bowl and it is ready to be eaten.

This recipe is not a very spicy one and soothes oneself in summer afternoons.It will leave a mind boggling taste if you add lime juice to it.Well . that obviously depends upon one's individual taste buds.The dish is best enjoyed with rice/chapati.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Cheese onion dosa- a modern touch to traditional dosa

Cheese onion dosa is a fusion of typical South India dosa and modern version of tasty cheesy bites.Dosa is a very wholesome , delicious, healthy treat with all the goodness of essential nutrients.Originated in South India , now dosa is a favorite breakfast item in entire India.To be very precise not only India , but to the entire world where Indians have formed community , dosa is available.Simple preparation, immense nutrition , healthy recipe these are the qualities that specializes dosa.

Ingredients:Urad dal [a typical black lentil available in India](50gms.), rice (50gms.), onion grated (2 medium sized chopped into smaller pieces), salt according to taste.

Procedure:Soak the black lentil along with rice in water overnight.After soaking for 12 hrs., you can put then in the mixer grinder for grinding.After making an even paste remove the content and keep aside.In metro cities you may get the dosa dough readily available in many retail stores or food corners. In that case the energy is really reduced by fifty percent.Add little salt to the dough according to your taste. Now you have to control the water content so that the dough should not be watery or even very thick.Ideally 1/2 addition of water per 50gms. of dal content is okay.Now take a frying pan of big size(since the size of the dosa depends upon the pan size). Heat 2 teaspoons oil in it and spread evenly with the help of a spatula.Take one scoop of dough and evenly spread in the frying pan . You can even use a spatula to make an even , rounded shaped structure.While the dosa takes its shape and solidifies . you may grate cheese with the help of a grater and evenly spread on the dosa. Sprinkle the already grated onions on the dosa. It will take 2 mins. for the dosa to take shape , solidify and take a crispy texture.You may remove the dosa and serve it

You may serve this with coconut chutney, sambhar dal, tomato sauce or any side dish of your choice.Make a perfect beginning of the day with this sort of fusion item .Bring some difference with your regular , boring morning breakfast schedule.