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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Sweet n fruity pancake-an easy way to please kids

Pan Cakes make a yummy dish.Originated from Europe, this dish has spread worldwide due to the popularity of it's taste and easy ways of preparation.We have heard of fairy tales where grandmas used to prepare this dish for children. Hence , pancakes is already a part of literature culture.The original method of preparation is a little time consuming, but friends as I have already told I mind for the women of 21st century, who really run short of time.So, my method is really interesting, lesser time consuming.You can get a lot of time for yourself instead of struggling in the kitchen.

Ingredients: White flour(200 gms.), eggs( 2 nos.), milk(300mls.), sugar according to taste. chopped fruits(here I have used apples, even pears will do), essence of vanilla(1 teaspoon),oil for frying.

Procedure: Mix white flour , milk and eggs  well.Batter it nicely till it makes a semi liquid mass ,quite easy to be handled with a spatula.Add 1 teaspoon of essence of vanilla for a nice flavor.Now heat 2 teaspoon oil in a frying pan and spread equally. Take one tablespoon full of dough and evenly spread just like the preparation of dosa.When it is already 1/2 min. in the pan , then you may spread the chopped fruits(apple/pear/guava) on it and sprinkle sugar on the dough.The amount of sugar sprinkled should be minimum one teaspoon per dough. Because pancake is a variety which should be on a sweeter side.Originally pancakes should be dipped in sugar syrup, but this is a shortcut way.After 1 minute the pancake is ready. Turn on the other side and cook it equally.The pancake should turn golden brown in certain sides but should not burn away.Remove it to a plate and it's ready to serve.The above combination will give 8-10 pancakes approximately.

The pancake prepared in this methodology may not match with the traditional one, but taste will be more or less the same.So , if you have a hungry kid who expects his/her mom to prepare new, delicious varieties , then this can be a great gift to him/her.Enjoy the moments of being a mom and see your child licking finger and enjoying the food.From the nutrition part you can be rest assured that you have offered the best of it to our child.