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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Bamboo shoots in chicken-authentic thai food

Chicken with bamboo shoots is an exotic dish which was originated in Thailand.The use of bamboo shoots is very common in the South east Asian countries.Quite an easy preparation, let me share the secret of this wonderful tongue licking dish.

Ingredients: Boneless chicken (350 gms.), bamboo shoots(1packet tinned bamboo shoots), onion(2 medium sized chopped into smaller pieces), tomatoes(2 medium sized chopped into smaller pieces),garlic paste for(1 teaspoon),tomato sauce(3-4 teaspoons), vinegar(2-3 teaspoons), soya sauce(2 teaspoons), green chilli sauce(3 teaspoons), spring onions chopped, lemon grass in minute quantity for flavoring purpose.

Procedure: Marinate the chicken in vinegar, garlic paste, soya sauce, salt for about 15-20 mins.Keep it aside.Heat oil in a container and dash the vegetables in it. Cook the tomatoes, onions till it becomes soft.Apply lemon grass for a typical essence that characterizes thai food .Add the bamboo shoots (bamboo shoots are kept in salt water preservation in tinned condition) and cook till the bamboo shoots gets soft and emits a mind boggling essence.Add the required tomato sauce, chilli sauce to it.Add the marinated chicken to the mixture.Cook for 10 mins. till the chicken mixes with the vegetables.Check with a spatula to see if the chicken gets softened or not.Sprinkle the chopped spring onions to the dish.This is ready to be served.

This can be served with noodles, rice.Chicken when cooked in this way really creates a difference and leaves the taste buds tantalizing.Make our family friends bewildered by your easy cooking techniques.

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