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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Vermicilli in tomato soup- a sip to a healthy start

Vermicelli in tomato soup is a healthy recipe , very much desired and a tasty treat.Tomato makes the best of the soups in the world.Simple, tasty , tangy this recipe of specialized soup has won the hearts of many.Simple to prepare , wholesome and nutritious this recipe is really a very precious one.

Ingredients: Tomato (500gms.), vermicelli(100gms.), maize(20 gms boiled), salt acc. to taste, black pepper powder (1/2 teaspoon).

Procedure: The tomatoes purchased should be very fresh. After washing carefully with water the tomatoes should be boiled in water for 10 mins till the extract comes out.It will make a very attractive , colorful soup. Keep the content aside. Boil the maize grains separately . check with the help of your fingers if the corn has been soft or not.The grains should be so soft that it should melt in mouth.Take the tomato extract and strain with the help of a filter. The liquid soup should be separated from the skin and the seed content.Add the vermicelli in required quantity to the soup extract and boil till it becomes soft. Add the boiled corns to it.It will hardly take 5-7 mins for the vermicelli to be soft and boiled properly.Add salt to the required level and black pepper powder to it.The soup is ready to be enjoyed.

People who are on restricted diet should have this tomato vermicelli  soup at least once a day.It has got essential nutrients , and required amount of water in it , so while dieting a person will never fall short of adequate water.This soup will taste even better in winter evenings. Try this soup instead of coffee/tea one day and you will really feel the difference and enjoy the goodness of tomato.

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