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Monday, 18 July 2011

Prawn in mustard sauce[chingri r malaikari]

Prawns are the king of salt water fishes and excellent in terms of taste and nutrition.Prawns can be prepared in many ways, in fact each creed had got it's own way of preparation.Prawn preparation may be called as fish lovers heaven.Very popular in Goa(Konkani), southern India(Andhra style) , Bengal(Daccai style) prawn finds its own beauty and accomplishes its own excellence , proves to be a culinary delight to each n every individual who once tastes it.Lets see the way of preparation of Prawn in mustard sauce.

Ingredients: Prawn (400 gms.medium sized) , mustard seeds(50 gms. soaked in water), coconut milk[can be prepared by grinding coconut , and extracting the milk with the help of a filter/sieve] , turmeric powder(1/2 teaspoon), salt acc. to taste, green chillis(2-3 pcs.).

Procedure: The prawns purchased should be fresh and healthy. I will prefer fresh prawns rather than frozen ones, but yes obviously it depends on the availability of the variety. Carefully clean the fishes by removing the external shell, the head and by removing the excretory duct that lies in the anterior or the posterior part.The cleaning is very important else it might be harmful for digestion.Prawns once cleaned nicely will never cause any indigestion, allergy. Now marinate the fishes with turmeric powder and salt and keep for 10 mins.Heat oil in a container and fry them.Once you start frying , prawns emit a very nice smell and get a typical curled shape.Keep them aside. Make a mustard paste by grinding mustard seeds in a grinder (after soaking for about 1 hr. or so). The grinding should be smooth enough so as to form a paste.Cook the mustard paste and the coconut milk in oil till they mix well. Add the already fried prawns to it,cook it for 5-7 mins. till the mustard paste mixes well with the prawns. Add salt according to taste and green chillis for giving it a final look and completion of taste.Remove it to a serving bowl and its ready to serve.

This dish can be enjoyed with steaming rice.Not a time consuming affair, and quite easy to prepare you may give it a try this weekend and keep your family members spell bound, astounding by your 'kitchen chemistry'.

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