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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Naivasha - a day amidst nature's lap !

Naivasha, a market town in the Rift Valley of Kenya , lies in the North West of Nairobi. It is famous for the lake Naivasha and falls on the Nairobi-Nakuru Highway and Uganda Railway. Naivasha  is a part of Nakuru district and has a population nearing 15K only.  If you travel by road it may take you two hours to reach Naivasha from Nairobi.

Lake Naivasha

There are many lodges available near Naivasha where they offer world class standard services and tourists will really enjoy their stay. The term 'naivsha ' is a masai term which means roughness, subjected that the lake gets rough when it's windy. Lake Naivasha is unusual in having no outlet, a prerequisite of a fresh water lake. At night the temperature drops down so much , it reaches almost freezing []   point.

Submerged hippo in the lake
The Naivasha Country Club offers a boat service to the lake where we saw glimpses of fishermen who find their daily bread amidst this nature. The boat service offers a close visit to the hippo colonies.Hippos are the greatest attraction here apart from wide variety of birdlife. The fishes which are commonly available are- black brass, tilapia. Crescent Island , is a game sanctuary available 15 mins. away by boat where one can get the sight of zebra, waterbuck, giraffes, vervet monkeys, gazelles.

The main industry in Naivasha is agriculture specially floriculture. It's said that the migratory path round nivasha  was destroyed by the local rose industry.

Birds seen are of almost 3 ft. height

I must say that you will be bewildered to see the various sorts of exotic birds. The chirping of varieties of species really enthralls you and really anybody will be tempted to visit this sort of destination again. We were very lucky to get an Indian restaurant nearby where nice tandoori roti, chicken wings were being served for just 300 shillings. Being a fresh water lake, Naivasha attracts a variety of fish eaters population.

We saw a glimpse of the fishermen who owes to the lake for their daily bread. The increasing level of intruders, poachers and the procuring of land for floriculture purpose are the main concerns of the Kenya Govt. and it is  trying the level best to retain  the fishing ground and sees that the varieties of sweet water fish is not minimized due to ecological and commercial reasons.

It was really a nice day amidst the nature, birds and the lake. For a city bred girl like me nature is something a wonder worthy affair and I would love to come back again and again to Africa. OMG are so beautiful ....never realized ever before.

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  1. An area I woud like to explore one day!