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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Cheese onion dosa- a modern touch to traditional dosa

Cheese onion dosa is a fusion of typical South India dosa and modern version of tasty cheesy bites.Dosa is a very wholesome , delicious, healthy treat with all the goodness of essential nutrients.Originated in South India , now dosa is a favorite breakfast item in entire India.To be very precise not only India , but to the entire world where Indians have formed community , dosa is available.Simple preparation, immense nutrition , healthy recipe these are the qualities that specializes dosa.

Ingredients:Urad dal [a typical black lentil available in India](50gms.), rice (50gms.), onion grated (2 medium sized chopped into smaller pieces), salt according to taste.

Procedure:Soak the black lentil along with rice in water overnight.After soaking for 12 hrs., you can put then in the mixer grinder for grinding.After making an even paste remove the content and keep aside.In metro cities you may get the dosa dough readily available in many retail stores or food corners. In that case the energy is really reduced by fifty percent.Add little salt to the dough according to your taste. Now you have to control the water content so that the dough should not be watery or even very thick.Ideally 1/2 addition of water per 50gms. of dal content is okay.Now take a frying pan of big size(since the size of the dosa depends upon the pan size). Heat 2 teaspoons oil in it and spread evenly with the help of a spatula.Take one scoop of dough and evenly spread in the frying pan . You can even use a spatula to make an even , rounded shaped structure.While the dosa takes its shape and solidifies . you may grate cheese with the help of a grater and evenly spread on the dosa. Sprinkle the already grated onions on the dosa. It will take 2 mins. for the dosa to take shape , solidify and take a crispy texture.You may remove the dosa and serve it

You may serve this with coconut chutney, sambhar dal, tomato sauce or any side dish of your choice.Make a perfect beginning of the day with this sort of fusion item .Bring some difference with your regular , boring morning breakfast schedule.