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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Bottle gourd in split chick peas[Lauki chana]-a cool treat for scorching hot day

Lauki chana is a very famous recipe which is very popular in the Northen side of India.During summer when the body has to fight against the scorching heat , this recipe will definitely bring soothing effect to the digestive system.Various nutritionists have  even mentioned that bottle gourd maintains blood pressure and extremely good for the blood circulatory system.

Ingredients: Bottle gourd( 1medium sized peeled nicely and grated to smaller pcs.), split chick peas[chana dal] (50 gms.), cumin seeds (about a pinch), red chilli(2 pcs.), green chillis(2 pcs.), turmeric powder(1 teaspoon), ginger paste(1 teaspoon), salt acc. to taste, coriander leaves for decoration.

Procedure:The split chick peas [chana dal] should be soaked in water overnight.Then put in a pressure cooker and cook it till it becomes soft. Ideally 7-8 mins. of steaming or 3-4 whistles are enough.Check with the help of a spoon if the lentils have been soft or not.If it could be pressed with your fingers, indicates that it is ready.Keep it aside.The skin of the bottle gourd should be peeled off , and the vegetable should be chopped into smaller pieces. It should be marinated in salt, turmeric powder for about 10 mins . Heat oil in a container and dash the grated bottle gourd in it.Cook till it gets soft . Add ginger paste , cumin seeds and red chillis to it.It will emit a nice tantalizing smell .Add the boiled chana dal to it and mix with the help of a spatula.The entire content should be mixed very well with the spices and then you may add 1 cup water for preparing the soup.Cook for about 7 minutes , add salt in required amount , add green chillis and coriander leaves for a good presentation.Remove in a serving bowl and it is ready to be eaten.

This recipe is not a very spicy one and soothes oneself in summer afternoons.It will leave a mind boggling taste if you add lime juice to it.Well . that obviously depends upon one's individual taste buds.The dish is best enjoyed with rice/chapati.


  1. I must try this. My mom loves bottle gourd. So I am going to give her this recipe. Lovely. Thank you Sweta. My first visit but I am sure to come back for more.

  2. thanks rimly...please keep commenting and feel free to ask anything if u hav any question in mind...