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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Mutton Keema curry- a real spicy meat lovers treat

Mutton Keema curry is a dish which is of Mughal origin and quite old an Indian dish.The Mughal era used to be a meat lovers paradise and the expert traditional chef used to invent many recipes with various sort of exotic spices.Today Old Delhi demands to preserve this culture of traditional muslim recipe and people can enjoy this mouth watering treat in the nooks and corners of Delhi.Let me share the delightful experience of preparing the age old traditional recipe with you.

Ingredients: Mutton keema[slaughtered , finely chopped mutton pieces](350 gms.),onions (2 pcs. finely grated),tomato(2 pcs. finely grated), cumin powder(2 teaspoons), ginger garlic paste(1 teaspoons), turmeric powder(1 teaspoon)garam masala[a typical traditional indian spice which contains cardamom, black pepper, cinnamom, clove ] 2 teaspoons, red chilli powder(1 teaspoon), green peas(20 gms.), curd( 4- 5 teaspoons), coriander powder(2 teaspoons), ghee[a cooking medium of Indian origin made from fresh creme milk].

Procedure:Muttom keema can be purchased from the market in packets of 300 gms, 500gms. You may choose and pick a good variety.Take 350gms. in a small container and boil it for 5-7 mins. till it becomes soft and tender.Touch the content with finger to ensure that it can be cooked with other vegetables.Remove the extra water and keep it aside.Dash about 5-6 teaspoons of ghee in a container.Add the grated onions , tomatoes to it.Add the already softened mutton keema to it.Add ginger garlic paste, coriander powder, cumin powder, turmeric powder, chilli powder to it.Add the required amout of garm masala to the mixture and mix well with the help of spatula.It starts emitting a nice mind boggling smell.Add the required amout of curd(battered) and salt to the mixture.Add the green peas. (well, this step might be optional and depends on an individual, I like green peas , hence I added ). Cook the entire content for about 7-10 mins. and the dish is ready. Remove it to a serving bowl and its ready to go down your mouth.

This dish can be best enjoyed with parantha(fried Indian bread), naan(special baked Indian bread), tandoori roti(Indian bread prepared in country oven).So, enjoy the delicacy of traditional royal Indian food at home.Feel like a badshah (king), and imagine you are back to the Mughal period.

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  1. Ooooh I love keema mutter. Thank you for sharing