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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Gulab jamun...home made wonder

Gulab Jamuns are a wonder treat. Qualified by it's rich color, melt in mouth texture, mind boggling essence , this dish is a must for Indian marriage occasions. Gulab jamuns have been a part of the Indian culture , and to all Indians staying out of the motherland, this item is available in tinned condition. Nevertheless, no Indian will ever say 'no' to such a mouth licking traditional sweet item. To, all my sweet lovers I would like to share my experience of a home made recipe of this wonderful version.

Ingredients: White flour( 200 gms.), Dried milk powder(300 gms.), sugar 1/2 kg, cardamom(5-6 pcs.), ghee for frying

Procedure:Mix the white flour with dried milk powder , 3 teaspoon of ghee , water and try a dough out of it. Then prepare rounded balls with the help of our palms.Try to make perfect shapes with no cracks in it. Leave it for sometime and allow it to solidify. Heat ghee in a container and start frying these balls. Fry till they turn dark brown and harden in structure. Remove and keep aside. Prepare a sugar syrup by dissolving 1/2 kg. sugar in water. Boil it till 15 mins, and the syrup becomes thick. It's better if you boil cardamom along with it as the essence released will add a different level in the taste and the contour. Release the balls in the prepared sugar syrup and the fried balls will absorb the syrup and become bigger in size. After 5 mins. of soaking the Gulab Jamuns are ready to be served and enjoyed.

Steps involved in the method of preparation

Prepare rounded doughs

Fry in pan with ghee

Prepare the sugar syrup 

Hence , friends you can conclude that preparing Gulab Jamuns is really your 'cup of tea'.


  1. Sweta ji,
    Gulab Jamuns are my weakness...and i could'nt wait...i am feeling hungry after reading text and seeing the image of this...really...nice article.

  2. Thanks Hemant ji, for visiting my blog....really its a pleasure for me that u liked the article...hopefully i will write even more with the good wishes of my dear readers........