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Friday, 1 July 2011

Chilli chicken- an easy treat for dinner

Chilli chicken is a quite easy preparation of all the chicken items.Said to be a dish of chinese origin, but now this preparation is common all over the  world.Probably you could be a better chef than a chinese cook , provided that you follow some simple procedures.

Ingredients:Boneless chicken(500gms.), tomatoes(4 medium sized grated into smaller pcs.), onions(4 medium sized grated into smaller pcs.), spring onions(2 chopped into smaller pcs.),normal salt acc. to taste,garlic paste(2 teaspoons),tomato sauce(5-6 teaspoons), green chilli sauce(3-4 teaspoons), dark soya sauce(3-4 teaspoons), vinegar(7-8 teaspoons), green chillis(3-4 fresh ones slit from the middle and soaked in vinegar)

Procedure:Marinate the boneless chicken in vinegar, salt , soya sauce, tomato sauce , green chilli sauce and garlic paste.Keep for about 30 mins.Heat oil in a container , fry the marinated chicken pieces and keep aside. The taste of the chicken should be very tangy.Now dash the grated vegetables in the container.Cook till it becomes soft.Add monosodium glutamate[aji no moto] , garlic paste to it and keep stirring the mixture.Add the chicken pieces which were already fried.Add salt , tomato sauce , green chilli sauce to it.Cook the entire mixture for about 10 mins. You had made a liquid mix of vinegar with green chillis, you may now add that to the chicken mixture.Before turning off the gas you may add the chopped spring onions for a better look and taste.

This item is best served with vegetable rice.In case you want to give your family a surprise , this will be your best gift.So , enjoy chinese dinner at your home and take the credit of being an experienced chinese chef.You may claim to have magic in our fingers.

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