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Friday, 15 July 2011

Stuffed indian bread(matar parantha)

Stuffed parantha is a speciality of Indian cuisine.Hand made bread being the main staple food in India, varieties in bread are prepared by various states.Vegetable stuffed in bread not only gives a different variety , but it is a wholesome food with all necessary nutrients in it. Stuffed bread accompanied with pickle and curd make a nice combination and is a very popular food in the rural as well as urban areas.Matar Parantha is a popular item in Northern India , even some parts of Eastern India.Let's see the method of preparation.

Ingredients: Green peas(350gms.), white flour(300 gms.), oil for frying , salt acc. to taste, cumin powder, tomatoes(2 grated), ginger-garlic paste(1 teaspoon), cumin powder(1 teaspoon)


Take farm fresh green peas and boil in water. Check with the help of spatula if it has been soft , then drain the excess water and grind in a grinder.Heat oil in a container and dash the tomatoes in it.Add ginger-garlic paste, cumin powder to the paste of mashed green peas and cook , mix well with the help of a spatula . The entire water content should be dried up and solid mass is prepared which makes the stuffing.Keep it aside.Prepare dough with white flour (with little salt, oil and water).The dough should be pressed with hand and made quite soft. The quality of the parantha depends on how well the dough is pressed n prepared.Make small balls with the dough.Press with your hand so that they become rounded balls.Use your both hands , so as to give the dough a shape of a hollow bowl and start filling up stuffings in it.Close it and then start rolling the dough.the dimension should not be more than 3 inches diameter.Now place the rolled doughs in a frying pan and dry heat it.The resultant dough becomes crispy . Apply oil with spoon and fry the dough very well till it becomes a nice crispy structure and golden brown in color.

       step 1              

step 2
step 3
step 4

step 5 (final step, giving shape to the doughs
The stuffed bread once prepared can be enjoyed with pickle, curd, other vegetable curries.Not only tasty n tangy , but a wholesome food undoubtedly.You can even carry it for lunch boxes.While going for a long drive , this makes a very good option to have it on the way as a refreshment.So, pack this item and be ready to get , set , go for a long drive.

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