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Monday, 11 July 2011

Cereal n vegetable salad- a perfect gift to good health

Salad is the key to good health.A nicely prepared salad with all possible combination of essential nutrients is what every dietitian advises for. Vegetables and cereal salad is the perfect combination , one can have if somebody wants to skip a meal.A balanced preparation which will never weaken you but will keep you light, healthy and prove good for your skin.Good health is what perhaps everybody looks for nowadays.

Ingredients: Butter bean (200 gms.), carrot(100gms.), beet root(100gms.), green peas(50gms.), onion(1 big sized), tomato(1 big sized ), chopped celery leaves(little amount), black pepper powder(1/2 teaspoon), lime juice(1 teaspoon), salad cream(1 teaspoon), salt acc. to taste.

Procedure:The butter beans should be soaked for at least 12 hrs. and then boiled till it becomes soft.Carrot , green peas and beet root should even be treated in the same way.They should be cut into medium pieces.The tomatoes and onions should be diced into smaller parts. All the vegetables should be kept in a big bowl and mixed together.A little addition of salt, lime juice will even make it more exciting.Chopped celery leaves add a different level of taste and flavor to it.Sprinkle powdered black pepper over the salad.

This can be a good supplement for lunch and you are sure that you will never miss an essential nutrient from this salad.In case of readers who are in the weight loss program/suffering out of rise in cholesterol this salad will really prove good for them.In one word stay healthy, live healthy.

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  1. Your recipes look wonderful and I am now following your blog. I love healthy food and eat mostly vegetables with a little fish and sometimes chicken. I can't wait to try your recipes .

    Regards, Mari