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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Mushroom n corn soup

Mushroom is the an active source of protein.Very easily available and delicious, mushroom soup can be a wonderful dish.For people who are on the verge of loosing those extra kilos , a bowl of Mushroom n corn  soup will definitely prove good. Filled with wholesome nutritious values . a combination of mushroom with vegetables n corn will not only make you try something different but will leave our mind boggling with joy of a new discovery.Button Mushroom prove to be very good anti-oxidant element too.

Ingredients: Button Mushroom (350 gms.), tomatoes(2 medium sized , grated). corn (20 gms. boiled), celery (for decoration purpose), salt acc. to choice, 1/2teaspoon garlic paste

Procedure: Boil the mushrooms in a container with water.See if the mushrooms are soft or not.When they are in a stage to be smashed by fingers, remove them in a mixer grinder and make a paste of the same.Remove it and keep aside.Dash the chopped tomatoes and the boiled corns in a container and cook till soft.Add the garlic paste to it.Add the  mushroom paste to it.Mix very well with the help of spatula.Add salt according to taste.Add chopped celery leaves to it.Remove to a serving bowl and its ready to be served.

This is not only a healthy substitute , but a great starter and a must for people who are following restricted diet.


  1. This looks really good..definitley going to try it. I am a always looking for good recipes...especially soups. Great site...I am now following.

  2. nice post cake recipes

  3. thanks ruchika, for visiting my fact i will surely post cake recipes on your request.....